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Clarks Originals® Clarks Originals®
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Based in Somerset, England, we’ve been shoemaking pioneers since 1825, when our founding brothers Cyrus and James created their first profile using a unique combination of innovation and craftsmanship. It’s this combination that led to the creation of the world’s first ever dress casual shoe, our Desert Boot, which remains as instantly recognisable today as it was in 1950 for one very simple reason - every last detail remains true to Nathan Clark’s original.

The same combination also resulted in our iconic Wallabee, which madesuch a big impression when it first stepped out of our workshop 50 years ago that it practically flew onto the album covers of reggae’s most influential artists. In the years since, it’s been embraced by everybody, from Hollywood A-listers to hip hop royalty.

It’s this radical combination, coupled with an inherent elegance and innate flair, that has seen our shoes adopted by subcultures all across the globe. Because every pair we make has an instantly recognisable style - one that marks them out and sets them apart.

Clarks Originals
Clarks originals
Defined by its simplicity, the original Clarks Desert Boot is made with just two pieces of leather and a natural crepe sole.

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