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100% made in italy
dirty paint made in italy

Thanks to the knowledge of history and tradition of Denim, Dirty Paint is leading in the Vintage field. The secrets of the past are enriched by the hand-made treatments and the modern technologies in order to create unique garments that are both contemporary and timeless. The result that we can obtain from studying the past is amazing. We produce extraordinary garments for passionate users of Vintage which are completely Made in Italy.

The Denim is representative of the history of whole generations and Dirty Paint can interpret it with clever innovation through the best Italian fabrics and the study of all different shapes which perfectly fit women curves and men figure. Classic Jeans of Dirty Paint is a constantly evolving style that changes in shape and size following the trend of every season. It is always contemporary and never ordinary, with special and unique details that make it a work of art. Research, innovation and experimentation are the guidelines of our Classic style combined to the great experience of “Made in Veneto” excellence.

The jeans of the future are relaxed and made in soft denim. The fabrics that we use for our garments come from the best world suppliers which provide us with innovative textiles which have all the properties of fleece. Besides the look we focus on contemporary and comfortable details of jeans that have this new shape thought to be suitable for leisure and relaxing time. In fact all our fits are specially designed to enhance the features of this new denim both for man and woman styles.

Skilled craftsmen of region Veneto in northern Italy work on our denim garments with sartorial accuracy, using selected fabrics of the best Italian suppliers. Our particular feature is our continuous research of new technologies and new looks which, combined to the great experience of our denim tradition, make our garments unique and recognizable.

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Modeagentur Ianiz Corica represents international cutting edge fashion labels with the aim to introduce high quality products to all demographics.
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